Violet Clay Treatment
Violet Clay Lymphatic Treatment

Get your skin ready for spring with this restful and rejuvenating treatment. Infinity’s lymphatic treatment will renew dry winter skin, and get circulation moving, just in time for spring.

Even if you’re not an anatomy student, you’re probably familiar with your lymph nodes. Your doctor checks them during your yearly check-up and anytime you may have an infection. If your lymph system isn’t working properly, that’s when your glands may be sensitive or swollen. 

Your lymphatic system runs throughout your body, parallel to the circulatory system. It is a net of lymph nodes and passages all filled with lymph fluid, and it is one of the main components of our immune system. The lymph fluid filters out harmful bacteria and other foreign invaders from the bloodstream. 

Since there is no pump to move lymph fluid through the body, your lymph system relies on the physical movement of your muscles to stimulate fluid movement. Lymph vessels carry lymph fluid from the bottom of the body up to the lymph nodes in your groin, and from the head and shoulders down to the lymph nodes in your underarm area. Valves along the passages prevent the fluid from flowing backward. 

But what happens if you’ve been ill, injured, and physical movement was ill-advised or impossible? Fluid stagnates in the body causing swelling, congestion, and maybe even muscle cramps.

You may have heard of lymphatic massage. Massage therapists use long, gentle, fluid movements to move lymph fluid through the body into your lymph nodes. Our method uses a machine called a Biorhythmic Drainer designed by Phyto5. This machine mimics the pulling motion of the massage therapists’ hands using glass cups with gentle suction to move lymph fluid through the body.

The Phyto5 method works within the five elements and phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine: wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. Each element has season-specific aromatherapy, specific body areas, and works on a different aspect of lymphatic wellness. 

The focus of Spring is revitalizing the skin, awakening vital energy, and removing obstacles from repressed emotional tension. When combined with drinking lots of water, eating mostly young, green foods, exercising moderately, and avoiding greasy, over-processed food, you have the perfect recipe for a bright, fresh start to spring. Keep reading to learn more surprising benefits you can gain with our lymphatic treatment, and see for yourself why it’s an invaluable way to start your spring detox routine.

Stress Reduction: Activate A Deep Restful State With Lymphatic Drainage

Our bodies have systems that help us both react and relax. Your sympathetic nervous system regulates your fight-or-flight instincts. It keeps us alive and alert, but it is also the reason many of us suffer from increasing levels of stress and anxiety. The solution? Finding balance with the parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system activates with deep relaxation. It’s the feeling you get in a perfect savasana in yoga class, or after a deep night’s rest. Our lymphatic treatment quiets the sympathetic nervous system and helps us turn on the parasympathetic system. It does this by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid, which soothes the sensitive nerve endings of the sympathetic nervous system. 

The movement of lymph fluid through the body is as soothing as a gentle massage. Pair that with the fact that our lymphatic treatment is done in a massage therapy setting with dim lighting, warmth, and lotions with soothing essential oils, and you have the perfect setting for activating deep rest.

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Lymphatic Drainage machine

Attend to the lymph system to reduce swelling.

Your lymph system does not always drain properly on its own. When your lymph nodes are congested, they block the flow of fluid through the lymph system. Certain surgeries and illnesses can also lead to a blocked lymph system. Lymphatic drainage moves the lymph fluid strategically, first clearing the path, and then guiding the fluid to the main disposal areas.

The movement of lymph fluid relies on compression via the muscles surrounding the lymph system. You may have used compression clothing without realizing that it is stimulating your lymph system. Compression clothing can be especially helpful in the lower body because lymph fluid has to travel against gravity to the groin area to reach the nearest lymph nodes. Our lymphatic treatment is another method of reducing swelling in the legs and ankles that is otherwise stagnant due to blockages or gravity. 

It is important to know that the swelling around an injury is highly valuable for your healing process. When you are injured, fluid build-up is the body’s way of protecting an injured area. Fluid build-up in reaction to an injury helps to immobilize the area so healing can occur. On a cellular level, the fluid involved in swelling brings healing cells to counteract any injury and heal it. Not all swelling will require a lymphatic treatment.

After a long winter of hibernating in the Northeast, our Phyto5 lymphatic treatment can be especially effective as an alternative to a typical spa facial. Swollen lymph nodes near your face can cause clogged pores, acne, and dull, dehydrated, and puffy skin. Dry brushing, facials, and other skincare rituals are actually working to stimulate your lymphatic system. Our treatment targets the lymph system intentionally to relieve swelling and restore luster to dehydrated skin.

Swelling is a natural response in our bodies. Most of the time it goes away on its own when the injury or infection has been treated, but sometimes it needs a targeted treatment to bring complete relief. In these more extreme cases, it is important to consult your treating doctor about the appropriate way to treat swelling. 

Our lymphatic treatment can be a great way to relieve blockages big and small. The Phyto5 Biodraineur works on all parts of the body and can be used to treat swelling in various areas. At Infinity Flexibility, we offer specialized lymphatic treatments for the feet, lower legs, abdomen, breast tissue, upper back, and face. 

Use lymphatic drainage to combat allergy symptoms.

The weather warms up, flowers start to bloom, and you finally leave the house without a jacket for the first time, then BAM, you’re hit with spring allergies. Worse than a winter cold because they always start right when you want to be outside the most. 

Lymph fluid moves through the lymph nodes, where macrophages fight off invading microorganisms like bacteria and thus remove them from the bloodstream. Once the threat is removed, the lymph fluid returns to the bloodstream. 

When the lymph system misidentifies grass pollen in springtime, it causes what we recognize as an allergic reaction. Our lymphatic treatment reinvigorates the immune system and helps move harmful toxins out of the body. It can relieve congestion and reduce the severity of our allergic reaction by assisting the lymph system to move any fluid that may otherwise be stuck.

Since a healthy lymphatic system is essential to a healthy immune system, our lymphatic treatment can also help your body fight off infections and viruses, and speed up recovery from illness.

The Phyto5 Biodraineur can benefit those looking for rejuvenating skin treatment or swelling from overworked muscles. It will help you regain homeostasis, and bring balance to a system stressed by outside invaders, anxiety, and illness.

Spring cleaning means something different to everyone. If you’re looking for a great way to jump-start spring cleaning in your body, consider trying our lymphatic treatment. 

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