Everyone instinctively knows the value of commitment in relationships, but what about your commitment to your health?

Commitment is what transforms your healing journey from an idea into a grounded, physical reality. When we commit to healing our body and mind, we plant the seeds of our success.

Infinity Flexibility firmly believes in the power of commitment for better health. When we work with clients, we don’t work in an endless cycle. We hope that at some point, you will no longer need us. 

We teach you what you need to know about your body’s mechanics and give you the tools to fix imbalances if they return. Then we send you off into the world in the hopes that if you ever do need us again, it’s because you want to refer a friend or deepen your own understanding of your body and healing path.

So, why is commitment to your healing journey the missing piece to better health? This article explores the answers to that question with insights from the personal healing journeys of Infinity’s founders – Janet and Emma Matthies.

The Modern Healing Journey

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn, someone is selling better health. Whether they have a product or a program, a service or a routine – the health and wellness world is full of options and opportunities to heal your body.

And at this point, we all know that neither Eastern or Western medicine have all the answers when it comes to health. So, most of us pursue the products, programs, and services that resonate with us the most. 

We cut out gluten, sugar, dairy, or carbs – hoping to trick our bodies into health with a better diet. We exercise every day, run marathons, hike mountains, and go to yoga to lose weight and get toned. We get massages, meditate, go to therapy, and read self-help books to bring balance to the body and mind.

Sometimes, we stumble upon something that works. We regain our energy, lose weight, gain muscle, have less stress and anxiety. . . 

And sometimes, we spend months working out only to gain weight, or adopt a “healthy” diet that makes us tired, cranky, and bloated. 

Still, no matter how many roadblocks we hit along the way, we hold out hope that someday we will find “intestinal fortitude” and heal our bodies for good.

It helps to find someone who can look at your health with a fresh pair of eyes so you can avoid these unfocused stabs at healthcare. The meridians offer Infinity valuable insights into your health; and not just the strength and flexibility of your muscles, but all aspects of your health from digestion to hormones.

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Healing with Commitment

Over the last six months, my mom and I have learned a lot about commitment. 

We just finished a six-month cellular detox called the Pompa Program to get rid of built-up toxins on a cellular level.

To do the program properly, you take supplements three times a day (sometimes on a strict schedule), switch to an organic diet and lifestyle, and alternate between a few different diets, including keto.

Even for someone who has plenty of healthy habits, the Pompa Program was a huge commitment. We had to set alarms on our phones to keep from forgetting to take supplements, completely change our diets, stop eating out at restaurants, and adopt a slower and more intentional exercise routine. 

Not to mention, I didn’t want to do the program at first. After years of trying diets and exercise routines, I felt like the Pompa program would be another disappointment. Another diet that works for some but not others, with supplements that my body would struggle to process.

My expectations were fairly low, even though the science behind the program was sound.

The Results

Six months later, I’ve lost 20 pounds and my thyroid is healing. I feel more energized and my hormones are regulated.

My mom lost 30 pounds and is regularly decreasing her thyroid medications for hypothyroidism. She has fewer digestive issues and bloating, stopped snoring, and her blood pressure is almost low enough to come off medications. The chronic skin issue on the tops of her hands is resolving, and most importantly, she fits into beautiful dresses for her youngest daughter’s upcoming wedding.

We are both so grateful we got the opportunity to do the Pompa Program. It’s a powerful program for anyone with chronic inflammation. But as powerful as the Pompa Program was, I don’t think it was the program itself that led to our success. 

I think it was commitment.

Because when you’re truly committed to your health, the tools you need to heal your body find you. 

It’s no coincidence that I found the Pompa Program just as I felt the need to recommit to my health. And it’s also no coincidence that you found Infinity Flexibility if you’re looking to heal with the meridians.

person climbing on mountain - commitment for better health

5 Easy Ways to Deepen Your Commitment for Better Health

This article is a bit of a divergence from our regular meridian content, but we think it’s an important consideration for anyone who truly wants to heal their body, mind, and spirit. 

Keep reading for 5 easy ways you can deepen your commitment for better health.

woman spreading both her arms - commitment for better health

1. Open Heart and Open Mind

The first step toward deeper commitment is to keep an open heart and open mind. 

Each month of the Pompa Program came with its own milestones. A new diet to learn, physical symptoms to mitigate, or financial considerations. And at each milestone, I could have decided to give up on my commitment.

But instead, I kept an open heart and an open mind. I repeatedly asked myself if I truly was ready to heal my body, and what I could do that day to deepen my commitment.

Also, I knew that if I wanted my body to heal, I needed to love it as is. To become the version of myself that took her vitamins and committed to keto even when it felt stressful, scary, and overwhelming.

I allowed myself to feel frustration, fear, disappointment, and anger. And I kept going.

2. Focus on Safety

I used to look for safety outside of myself – money, relationships, jobs, and family. But even when I had everything I thought I needed, I still felt unsafe because of how I was treating my body.

The Pompa program was a gift that allowed me to slow down and feel my body heal. 

During the program, I realized how much I relied on food to make me feel safe. 

Keto made me realize how much I relied on sugar and carbs for safety. Foods that contain a lot of carbs and sugar gave me fast energy and made me feel pleasantly full – both of which equated to safety in my body and mind.

Then, as I slowly cut carbs and sugars out of my diet, a deep fear bubbled to the surface. I was afraid fats wouldn’t be enough to sustain me and that eating fats would make me fat. I worried that without carbs I would never feel full. 

But our bodies are amazing, and they know exactly what to do when we stop eating carbs. They switch to using fat as fuel. After a week of feeling hungry and dealing with my somewhat irrational fears, my body switched to ketosis.

Keto forced me to confront my fear of dieting and an underlying reliance on food for safety. But more than that, my commitment to keto allowed me to push through to the other side. 

Find Safety Within

The change allowed me to find safety inside myself, rather than in my diet.

So, if you want to deepen your commitment to better health, I urge you to look at what you do to make yourself feel safe. Maybe you rely on certain comfort foods to instill a sense of safety. Or safety may come from a comfortable relationship, an unhealthy habit, or a familiar place. 

Notice where you are relying on something outside of yourself to make you feel safe, and then see where you can create a feeling of safety within yourself. 

Safety doesn’t come from outside, it comes from within, and commitment is an essential component. When you commit to yourself, you prove over and over again that you will do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better. 

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3. Do Your Research

Part of the reason why I felt drawn to the Pompa program is because it incorporated a lot of what I already knew about healing. 

It prioritized lifestyle changes and looked for the cause of your chronic inflammation instead of treating the symptoms. It supplied supplements made from quality whole food sources. It uses a completely holistic approach to healing, treating your inflammation starting with the smallest cell and allowing that to spill over into the rest of you.

When it comes to commitment, we need to make it personal. To feel into our hearts and make sure we are ready to commit with all of our hearts. 

We all need time and space to slow down and process what is being presented to us. Slowing down helps a lot in seeing the right path.

And for most of us, that means doing some research. Look deeper at the program and results to make sure that the method of healing is in alignment with our values and goals. And all the while, feeling into the heart and following its guidance.

4. Lean into Resistance

Resistance is the path to growth, both physical and energetic. At Infinity, we use resistance exercises to build physical flexibility and strength. Resistance is also a sign it’s time to deepen your commitment to yourself and your health.

Your deepest healing happens when you feel resistance. It shows you your path to growth.

So, next time you feel resistance to an aspect of healing, whether its physical resistance in your muscles or energetic resistance – see if you can go just a little bit deeper. Ask yourself why you feel resistant and what belief/thought/conditioning is keeping you from leaning into resistance.

crop faceless lady sitting in zen pose on yoga mat - commitment for better health

5. Detach from the Outcome

When we set off to heal our bodies, we usually have a specific goal in mind. Maybe we want to lose weight, reduce pain, build muscle, age gracefully… It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you need to commit to doing the work rather than achieving a specific outcome. 

If all of your attention is on that future version of your life, you forget to be present. You aren’t conscious of the shifts that are happening in the present, and you disconnect from whatever signals your body is giving you to help you on your healing journey.

So, set your goal and then detach from it.

By fully committing to your healing journey, you are ensuring your success. Success may not look the same way you are picturing, and that’s exactly the point. You never know how good it can get until you buckle down and commit.

Commit with your mind wide open so you can see the opportunities as they present themselves. It’s an ambling path, and if you are too controlling and focused, you will zoom right by where you are meant to go.

It’s a fine line of focus and detach, allow and control. We need to shift on a regular basis to be present and not get caught up. It’s all part of the human experience.

Work with Infinity

No one can commit for you. Only you can do this for yourself and plant the seeds to better health through commitment. We believe in you and are ready to support you as you explore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances in your body, mind, and spirit.

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