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Spleen meridian

Spleen Meridian In Your Personality

High Traits

The spleen-pancreas meridian focuses on the connectedness of all beings. They are great communicators, with a focus on mediating and creating peace. To do so, they tap into their powers of deep empathy and morality. They can be angelic, sweet, gregarious, and sociable.

Low Traits

When not being themselves, the spleen-pancreas tends toward martyrdom. They will sacrifice themselves for others while preaching what they believe is right. One extreme begets another, if they are not being overly-empathetic they can tend toward indifference.

Spleen Meridian Functions

Western Medicine

The spleen supports the body’s immune system by producing antibodies that fight external invaders. It stores blood and in so doing filters and removes bacteria and other foreign substances, and also disposes of worn-out red blood cells.

Eastern Medicine

The spleen is home to the “Yi” which in Traditional Chinese Medicine relates to thinking, studying, memorization and concentration. A strong “Yi” supports mental focus, intention, determination, and drive. It also plays a crucial role in digestion by transforming food into food energy, or Gu Qi. This food energy is turned into usable energy and blood which is then transported throughout the body. Because it controls our energy, it stands to reason that it also has a modicum of control over the strength and function of our muscles, flesh, and limbs. The spleen “lifts and holds” internal organs, promoting connectedness in the body and keeping them from prolapse.

Meridian Associations

Archetype:  Mediator

Element: Earth
Season: Late Summer
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: 9-11 am
Color: Red-Violet
Taste: Sweet
Body Part: Connective Tissue
Sensory Basis: Extrasensory
Emotion: Worry/Sympathy
Healing Tone: WHOOO

Personality Group: Spiritual
Associated Muscles: Medial Hamstrings

Balancing Meridian: Stomach

Physical Symptoms of Imbalance

Abdominal distension
Appetite imbalance
Aversion to dampness
Chronic gastritis
Cold feet and/or knees
Duodenal or gastric ulcers
Fullness below diaphragm
Heavy and/or aching limbs
Heaviness around head
Improper nourishment
Loose stools or diarrhea
Organ prolapse
Poor coordination
Poor or voracious appetite
Poor memory
Swollen knees and thighs
Water retention
Yellowish face and body
Urinary problems
Vaginal discharge
Vomiting and/or nausea

Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance (Eastern View)

Craving sympathy
Feeling ungrounded
Obsessive thoughts
Restless sleep
Selfish behavior
Poor concentration
Poor memory
Scattered feeling


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