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The meridian archetype articles were born of a need to better define the personality traits and symbols inherent in the Traditional Chinese medicine meridians. Inspired in part by Bob Cooley’s book The Genius of Flexibility and by Caroline Myss’s book Sacred Contracts, the meridian archetypes explore a part of ourselves often hidden from our conscious mind.

The archetypes are a tool, and like any other tool, archetypes are what you make of them. Caroline Myss has more than eighty archetypes that she has defined in the back of her book Sacred Contracts. But even she admits that eighty archetypes barely scratch the surface of all the possibilities alive in the world today.

Bob Cooley’s work in The Genius of Flexibility explored the connection between the meridians from Traditional Chinese medicine, the muscle groups, and the personality. The connections that we all felt were put into words. Bob also worked on exercises that allowed the practitioner to heal the meridians and muscles, and bring awareness to connected personality strengths and weaknesses. His exercises are based on hatha yoga poses and are combined with modern Western resistance training.

Infinity Flexibility’s meridian archetypes combine Carolyn Myss’s research, Bob Cooley’s connection of the personality to the muscles, and the classical five-element personality types. We use this system to validate a client’s strengths/weaknesses and to identify exercises that will improve health and performance goals.

Years of experience in the field of strength and flexibility training has given the staff of Infinity Flexibility the ability to see past the symptoms of the body and mind to the root cause of the imbalances.