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Thymus meridian

Thymus Meridian In Your Personality

High Traits

Thymus energy fuels the world of health and fitness. Represented by the healer, this meridian understands the value of a health diet and exercise. They have an innate power to heal that draws them towards the fields of medicine, psychology, and holistic wellness.

Low Traits

The thymus understands the body and mind well, enough to manipulate just about anyone. When not being themselves, they are dissatisfied, demanding, and physically ill.

Thymus Functions

Western Medicine

The thymus is extremely active during childhood. Our childhood defense mechanism provides adaptive and smart immune responses. As we approach adulthood, our immune system is fully functional and the thymus reduces in size and eventually becomes little more than residual fatty tissue.

Eastern Medicine

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the thymus has connections to the immune system and digestive system. This is not a traditional meridian but treatment of the meridian is still essential for balance within the body.

Meridian Associations

Archetype: Healer

Element: Air
Yin or Yang: Yang
Time of Day: N/A
Body Part: None
Sensory Basis: Exteroceptive senses
Emotion: Forgiveness
Healing Tone: N/A

Personality Group: Physical
Associated Muscles: Deltoids

Balancing Meridian: Appendix

Physical Symptoms of Imbalance

Internal immune disorders
Swollen lymph nodes
Lower and upper body disconnect
Eating disorders
General ill health

Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance (Eastern View)