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The spleen meridian focuses on the connectedness of all beings. They are great communicators, with a focus on mediating and creating peace. To do so, they tap into their powers of deep empathy and morality. They can be angelic, sweet, gregarious, and sociable.

When not being themselves, the spleen meridian tends toward martyrdom. They will sacrifice themselves for others while preaching what they believe is right. One extreme begets another, if they are not being overly empathetic they can tend toward indifference.

Meridian Archetypes

The Entrepreneur: A Stomach Meridian Archetype

American culture is exceptional because of the energy of the stomach meridian. The stomach is the spirit of entrepreneurship and the American dream. While in balance, the Entrepreneur proves that anything is possible with ambition, hard work, and persistence. Strength in this meridian has created innovative businesses and a way of life that has inspired millions.

Meridian Archetypes

The Mediator: A Spleen Meridian Archetype

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, earth elements are particularly important in times of transition. They keep us grounded and protected during turbulence, and allow us to bloom and grow during times of peace. However, though the spleen meridian thrives in times of peace, that does not mean they revile conflict. One of their greatest strengths is seeing both sides of an argument and mediating a compromise.