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Infinity Services

There’s a reason they call me the “Crazy Stretching Lady.” Infinity doesn’t have your typical relaxation massage studio vibe. Instead, we offer a wide range of treatments, all of which work well together. Our services are 100% customizable. If you don’t know what you need, we are happy to advise you.

A few classic combinations would be deep tissue work for shoulder tension. At Infinity, we start with a classic table deep tissue massage, then muscle mashing on the floor, and finish with a Thai trap release. The second example would be a relaxation massage for overused or injured muscles. This massage goes well with cupping and could be finished with a relaxing foot, hand, or back exfoliation.

See what I mean? Totally customizable and custom-made to fit you.

Flexibility & Strength

Resistance Training

A combination of hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese medicine theory, and modern resistance exercises, flexibility & strength training is one of our favorite treatments. Perfect for cross-training athletes, people with recurring injuries, recovery, and for anyone looking to safely increase strength and flexibility at the same time.

Phyto5 Lymphatic Drainage

Phyto5 Lymphatic Drainage

Our Phyto 5 facials and lymphatic drainage treatments use the healing power of the elements to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin.

Massage Therapy


Infinity offers a variety of traditional and innovative massage therapy options. Options include relaxation massage, deep tissue muscle mashing, targeted sports massage, cupping, shiatsu, and Zenbody therapy.



At Infinity, we offer Pilates private one-on-one sessions on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Arc Barrel!

Therapeutic Spa

Therapeutic Spa

Therapeutic Spa treatments at Infinity Flexibility are made to compliment our massages and flexibility/strength appointments. Quality products, aromatherapy, skin treatments, and more in our signature blend of traditional practices backed by modern medicine.