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Appendix Meridian In Your Personality

High Traits

The appendix organ may be considered “residual” but the energetic force behind the meridian is a major force in our lives. The sage is wise and knowledgeable. They seek the truth about the themselves by pursuing spiritual change and transformation. This type values following the rules and a consistent schedule.

Low Traits

When not being themselves, the appendix is spacy, cut off from their body. If they cannot find a way to come back to earth, they become deaf to the world and cling to rules, policies, and traditions to ground them.

Appendix Functions

Western Medicine

The appendix assists with the production of white blood cells and the creation of antibodies. It stores beneficial gut bacteria and protects us from bad germs by creating and protecting good germs. Scientists hypothesize that the appendix could be useful for restarting the digestive system after illness. 

Eastern Medicine

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the appendix has connections to the immune system and digestive system. This is not a traditional meridian but treatment of the meridian is still essential for balance within the body.

From our blog...

Meridian Associations

Archetype: Sage

Element: Air
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: N/A
Taste: N/A
Body Part: Cartilage
Sensory Basis: Extrasensory
Emotion: Transformation
Healing Tone: N/A

Personality Group: Spiritual
Associated Muscles: Latissimus Dorsi

Balancing Meridian: Thymus

Physical Symptoms of Imbalance

Lower right abdominal pain
Hip pain
Thigh pain
Food poisoning
Bumpy complexion
Difficulty following a thought
Muscle tautness

Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance (Eastern View)

Out of body

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