Heart meridian

Heart Meridian In Your Personality

High Traits

The heart meridians are the lovers. They are kind, warm-hearted, accepting, and chivalrous. One of the four physical types, their passion and sincerity are immediately obvious. They have a great capacity for love, unique imagination, and are enchanting and persuasive.

Low Traits

When not being themselves, heart meridians are passive and “out of it.” They appear lazy and forgetful without any internal drive.

Heart Functions

Western Medicine

The heart is a crucial part of your circulatory system as it is the pump that moves blood through our veins. Our blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body. It is also responsible for removing metabolic waste.

Eastern Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart houses the “Shen,” which is the equivalent to the mind. The heart controls and supports all mental activity. It also controls sweat, circulation, and blood vessels.

Meridian Associations

Archetype: Good Politician

Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: 11 am -1 pm
Color: Indigo
Taste: Gusto
Body Part: Blood Volume
Sensory Basis: Exteroceptive Senses
Emotion: Joy
Healing Tone: HAWWW

Associated Muscles: Biceps Brachii
Personality Group: Physical

Balancing Meridian: Small Intestine

Physical Symptoms of Imbalance

Aversion to heat
Celiac disease
Difficulty turning head
Frozen shoulder
Hardening of arteries
Hearing problems
Heart attacks
High blood pressure
Hot and/or painful joints
Hot flashes
Low blood pressure
Pain in the lower abdomen
Poor circulation
Red/ashen facial color
Stiff neck and/or  shoulders
Tennis elbow
Urinary problems
Varicose veins
Weak, irregular pulse
Weak abdominal tone

Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance (Eastern View)

Continuous laughter
Critical, cynical behavior
Excessive and/or vivid dreaming
Lack of joy or humor
Lack of self-love
Mental confusion
Poor self-esteem