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Infinity offers customizable stretching and strength training plans that work for your body. Our goal is to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health with a unique combination of western stretching exercises and ancient eastern medicine theory.

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Infinity Bodywork uses a combination of resistance training, hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage and shamanic healing. This unique blend of modern and ancient techniques work into the body in a way similar to acupuncture. Our goal is to unblock the energy pathways, or meridians, in the body.

In acupuncture, the therapist uses needles to access the meridian points closest to the surface of the skin. Infinity bodywork uses resistance training exercises that stretch and strength train muscle groups that lie within the meridian pathways. By working the muscles along the meridian lines, we can release areas of tension in muscles to improve overall flexibility and strength.

Why Resistance?

Resistance training engages the mind, reestablishing the connection between the brain and the muscles. By actively resisting the stretch, you significantly decrease your risk of overstretching and injury. The muscles that may have turned off due to misuse or lack of use regain some of their original strength. It is our belief that strength cannot be achieved without flexibility, and vice versa.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Resistance training sessions start out with an overall fitness evaluation to discover which muscle groups are flexible and which are strong. This session typically will run for 1.5 hours in order to complete Health Forms and answer any questions a client may have about the method. Treatment may vary depending on each client’s specific needs.

During a follow-up session, the following elements may be combined to address the issue going on with each individual client.

  • Mashing (deep tissue massage)
  • Flexibility/Strength evaluation
  • Stretch/Strength training on the board
  • Re-evaluation of parts of the body stretched/strength-trained compared to the side to be stretched…
  • Education regarding Physical/Spiritual/Emotional/Analytical associations with Meridians being worked

How Will This Benefit Me?

Resistance flexibility has a multitude of benefits including weight loss, improved flexibility, increased body awareness, better posture, and increased strength. Read more about benefits here.

**It is important to note that this is a very powerful form of training that WILL CHANGE you in some way or another. It is great for clients who are looking for a huge impact on their fitness level, i.e., improve fitness performance, find the root cause of a prolonged muscle injury, learn something new about yourself (be it physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental).

Athletes working towards peak performance who understand the meaning of dedication and hard work will find this method an invaluable cross-training modality. It’s not easy but the rewards are unbelievable.

It’s a great idea if you are trying this method for the first time to give it at least 5 sessions to see if this treatment is right for you.

See our pricing page for New Client Deals!

Check out our blog for more information about Traditional Chinese Medicine, western resistance training & more!