New Clients

In order to create a treatment plan for you, I need an initial consultation of about 90 minutes. This ensures we have enough time to go over any issues or concerns you may want to address and still leave time for a full treatment. Please contact me with any questions or if you aren’t sure which treatment is right for you!

Initial Consult/Treatment

90min – $160.00*

Initial 5 Session Packages

Strength/stretch – $560.00 *Includes one 90min consult/treatment and 5 x 60min sessions

Massage – $560 *Includes one 90 minute consult/treatment and 5 x 60 minute sessions

Pilates Private Sessions- $560 *Includes one 90 min consult/treatment and 5 x 60 minute sessions


Stretching/Strength Training

60min – $90.00

90 min- $130

5 Sessions
60 min – $425.00
90min – $525.00

10 Sessions
60min – $750.00
90min – $900.00

Singer Partner Stretching Session
60min – $100.00



Options include Deep Tissue Mashing, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Zentherapy and Shiatsu

60 min – $90

90 min – $130


5 Sessions
60 min – $425.00
90min – $525.00

10 Sessions
60min – $750.00
90min – $900.00

+$20 for Thai Herbal Compress with Swedish massages


Therapeutic Spa

Exfoliating Back Treatment

90min – $150.00

Lymphatic Drainage

Full body session

60-120 mins – $120-$200*


60 mins – $90

Full body with facial 

150 mins – $250



Private 60min – $90.00

Pilates and TCM 60 min- $90.00


Group Classes

Five Element Fitness Group

Infinity strength and stretch performed in a group setting. Students will practice an eclectic blend of resistance self-stretches, strength training movements, Pilates exercises, self-massage, as well as calming and relaxation techniques.

During class, we will move from one stretch to another generally using 8-10 repetitions of each stretch. The flow of the stretches will follow the energy path in the human body as designated by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Techniques are highly modifiable and adapted to the individual’s capabilities. Please wear clothing comfortable for stretching and moving around.

NO GROUP CLASSES CURRENTLY SCHEDULED. Please contact us if you are interested and we will see about setting something up!