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The pericardium meridian is the most open-minded, spiritual, and straightforward meridian. At their best, they are the judge of society, passing fair and impartial judgment with transparent views. They value structure, facts, and taking life one step at a time.

On the flip side, the pericardium meridian can be self-defeating and a masochist. Basically, they are their own worst enemy. When out of balance, their judgments can become unclear, constricted, and condemning.

Athlete Archetype
Meridian Archetypes, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Athlete: A Real Look into the Skin Meridian

You can use your skin meridian to tap into the source of your energy. The “flow state” is a modern term for tapping into your source with the skin. It describes an athlete’s ability to go into the “zone” while performing. Exercise becomes simpler and less energy is expended. You feel as though you are at the top of your game. If you are able to fall into the flow state, you probably have a healthy skin meridian.