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A Private session is for the individual. This session is a great way to gain an understanding of what true flexibility feels like. You will discover where flexibility comes from, and how you personally can achieve it. You will be working one on one with a trained instructor who will guide you through an evaluation of each and every muscle group in your body.  Private sessions are appropriate for all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced.

The initial evaluation session is 1.5 hour-long at which time you will be evaluated for strength, flexibility, and balance. Come to the first session with goals and desires for anything you would like to work on, change or improve. Maybe you would like to increase range of motion, eliminate pain, or you might want to improve performance in your sport (faster running, quicker reflexes, warp-speed recovery time), possibly you would like to be more proactive in injury prevention, there are many reasons to want more flexibility.

Be prepared to work hard, and discover things about yourself and your body that will change you in a positive way. At your first session bring or wear comfortable exercise clothing, empty stomach or light snack before but don’t come hungry, drink plenty of water. Please plan to arrive early to fill out health evaluation paperwork.

During this session, we will discuss your goals and you will receive an introduction to resistance stretching methodology. For one hour of the session, you will experience an assisted stretching, along with muscle mashing massage, and if appropriate you may learn new self stretches for home care.

Follow Up

Assisted Stretching, muscle mashing, self stretch performance and instruction in any or all combinations are performed during a private lesson. The program of balance has been determined at the initial consultation regarding what should be worked on, along with feedback on the current status of each individual client at the outset of each new follow up session.


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