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Using the App

Here is a short video with the basic Mindbody app abilities.

Updating Waiver

We have updated our waiver beginning on 9/1/2020. If you are having trouble accessing Mindbody, we have written out some steps to help you through the process of updating your waiver on Mind-body.

**Please note that if you are still having trouble with the waiver before your next appointment, we still have the option of a printed waiver. However, by updating your waiver online you save some trees and give us more time to work on awesome content.**


  • Log in to your Mindbody account.
  • If you have not used Mindbody before, you can use the email you gave Infinity to log in for the first time. Simply enter your email and click “forgot password.” Reset your password to enter the site. (If you forget which email you gave to Infinity, feel free to reach out to us!)
  • If you already have a Mindbody account, simply log in using your email and current password.
  • The NEW waiver should immediately pop-up. The first half contains the information that you already reviewed. New information is located below the heading “9/1/20 COVID-19 Update.”
  • Please review the information before checking the box that says “I agree” and click “continue.”
  • Your waiver is now updated! Feel free to update your other information or browse all Infinity has to offer.

Mindbody App

**It is not possible to update your waiver using the Mindbody app. You will have to access the Mindbody browser to complete the waiver.

Credits/ Pre-Paid Sessions


You must use a browser to access consumer mode on Mindbody. Consumer mode will allow you to book sessions using your account balance.