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The goal of Infinity’s consulting is to support athletes who are looking to add resistance training for strength and flexibility to their exercise routines. Infinity’s consulting program is primarily online and is an effective training technique for any team sport.

An Infinity representative will meet first with the coach and observe the athletes in order to prepare a customized video program. This consultation would ideally occur in person so that the representative can observe athletes in action and work with coaches and athletes to determine personal and group goals. After observing the athletes, the Infinity representative will then craft a unique training program based on the athletes’ specific needs. The customized program will use exercises based on resistance flexibility science, Traditional Chinese medicine, and years of experience working with amateur and professional athletes.

The program videos will be available to both coaches and athletes to integrate into their training as they see fit. Each coach or team leader will have one-on-one training with the Infinity representative to go over each exercise and its potential benefits. Ideally, this program would be filmed using the coach and an athlete as the instructor/demonstrator to fully customize the training experience.

Who is it for?

  • Coaches or groups of athletes looking to improve weaknesses in flexibility and strength for their given activity.
  • Running or cycling groups, ballroom dancers, gymnasts, ballerinas, yogis, swimmers
  • Personal trainers looking for new group exercises to meet specific training goals
  • Vacation programs
  • Off-season training
  • Cross-training
  • Programs for adults and children
  • Injured athletes trying to maintain a level of fitness with restrictions


Pricing determined on a case-to-case basis.

This is a brand new program. For a limited time, discount pricing will be available to those who are willing to provide constructive feedback.


  • Preliminary survey
  • 2-hour consultation with a coach or team leader
  • 2-3 hour coaching session, remote or in-person
  • 3 rounds of edits to be sure the program suits your exact needs
  • One month follow-up
  • Access to personalized videos to be referenced as needed throughout the process