Therapeutic Spa

Infinity Therapeutic Spa is aimed at functional spa treatments that you typically would not be able to get elsewhere. Based on our East/West Philosophy our spa treatments will peak your curiosity and grab your soul

We provide augmented treatments for your body in our Therapeutic Back Exfoliation Treatment, which clears your back of any excess dry skin leaving you feeling very complete. [reach for it]

Our Thai Herbal Compress Massage provides a multi-sensation experience via aeromatherapy, heat and massage. The relaxation experience is unmatched! [take me away]

Infinity Moor Mud treatments serve as a comforting hot or cold treatment for recent injury sites such as a broken bone, or strained muscle, even certain skin conditions. Moor mud re-mineralizes your cellular structure improving health and healing capability, and it feels amazing. This treatment may be added on to any 90 minute session of either Massage or Stretching. [soothe me]

is a negative pressure bodywork experience, which is the opposite to massage positive pressure experiences. Cupping is a century old technique used around the world for all kinds of health issues. At infinity we use cupping in a single session or combined with Massage or Stretching sessions. [extract the pressure]

Facial Cupping is a series of treatments to promote circulation to the areas around the eyes or lips where fine lines may develop with age. It is a soothing, relaxing experience, with the amazing benefit of helping you to look and feel younger 🙂 [fountain of youth]