The Entrepreneur: A Stomach Meridian Archetype (blog)

Stomach Meridian Exercise (video)

Stomach Meridians Prefer to be Self-Taught
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Meridian Associations

Archetype: The Entrepreneur

Element: Earth
Season: Late Summer
Yin or Yang: Yang
Time of Day: 9-11 am
Color: Blue-Green
Taste: Sweet
Body Part: Muscles
Sensory Basis: Kinesthetic
Emotion: Worry/Sympathy
Healing Tone: WHOOO

Personality Group: Mental
Associated Muscles: Lateral Quadriceps

Balancing Meridian: Pancreas-Spleen

Stomachs are part of the analytical/thinking family
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High Traits: Stomach In Your Personality
The stomach meridian is one of the four mental-thinking types. These are often self-educated, and doggedly pursue their passions in work and in life. They hone in on things of quality whether its people, places, or things. Their tastes are eclectic and they tend toward long-term projects or lifelong quests.

Low Traits: Stomach In Your Personality
When not being themselves, stomach meridians are eccentric and unpredictable. They can have an addictive-personality, indulging their gluttonous tendencies. Their communication becomes imprecise and unfocused.

Western Medicine Function of the Stomach
The stomach in western medicine is responsible for beginning the digestion process, receiving food and breaking it down both mechanically and chemically. It absorbs water, salts, and alcohol from food before secreting it to the Small Intestine for further digestion. The stomach also protects against the invasion of any bacteria that comes through the digestive tract.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Stomach
Responsible for separating the clean from the impure; sending the impure downwards to the Small Intestine, and the clean upwards to the Spleen. Once it receives food and drink, the stomach transforms it into cells that help develop tissues and organs. It is also responsible for the downward movement of Qi.

Physical Stomach Symptoms
Abdominal distension
Appetite imbalance
Aversion to dampness
Chronic gastritis
Cold feet and/or knees
Duodenal or gastric ulcers
Fullness below diaphragm
Heavy and/or aching limbs
Heaviness around head
Improper nourishment
Loose stools or diarrhea
Organ prolapse
Poor coordination
Poor or voracious appetite
Poor memory
Swollen knees and thighs
Water retention
Yellowish face and body
Urinary problems
Vaginal discharge
Vomiting and/or nausea

Emotional Stomach Symptoms (Eastern View)
Craving sympathy
Feeling ungrounded
Obsessive thoughts
Restless sleep
Selfish behavior
Poor concentration
Poor memory
Scattered feeling