Liver Meridian Exercise

Liver Meridian is the freedom seeker
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Meridian Associations

Element: Wood
Season: Spring
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: 11 pm to 1 am
Color: Green
Taste: Sour
Body Tissue: Tendons
Sensory Basis: Chemical
Emotion: Frustration
Healing Tone: SHHHH

Personality Group: Emotional
Associated Muscles: Adductors

Balancing Meridian: Gallbladder

Liver as the Spring Element
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High Traits: Liver In Your Personality
The liver meridian is the home of freedom and giving. This personality type is one of four emotional personality types meaning that they are deeply emotional and hyper-sensitive to the needs of others. These folks are great givers and caretakers. They are into liberation and freedom, and when being themselves are proud, independent, and assertive.

Low Traits: Liver In Your Personality
On the flip side, the liver meridian can be codependent and will sacrifice themselves for the needs of others. With every high, there is an equal and opposite low. The liver meridian also has issues with internal frustration and resentment.

Western Medicine Function of the Liver
The liver has many functions in the human body. It plays a crucial role in our digestion system, neutralizing and removing toxins from food, drugs, and medications. It uses stored glycogen to control blood sugar levels. In addition to glycogen, it stores essential vitamins such as iron, K, D, and B12. It also produces the bile (stored in the gallbladder) which is responsible for digesting fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The liver is responsible for producing the proteins that go into forming blood clots and filters the blood from arteries and digestive tract. It creates blood cells in emergencies and bilirubin which is used in the break down of old red blood cells. Lastly, it removes ammonia from digested liquids and then releases it into the bladder for disposal.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Liver
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver meridian influences our overall emotional state. The liver stores blood which is the carrier of Qi in the body. Without proper flow, Qi and blood cannot flow smoothly. Since it plays such a crucial role in controlling our blood, it makes sense that our liver helps regulate menstruation in women.

Our liver meridian is responsible for the digestive functions of the Stomach and Spleen meridians. Our muscular activity, including flexibility of tendons and ligaments, is also controlled by the liver meridian. It is said to be home of the “Hun,” a concept from TCM that is considered the yang part of our soul or spirit.

Physical Liver Symptoms
Unsustained energy
Pale tongue
Weak or overly rapid pulse
Irregular breathing
Excessive hunger
Headaches at night
Redness on the tongue

Emotional Liver Symptoms (Eastern View)
Aggressive behavior
Anger and angry outbursts
Emotional repression
Inability to plan or organize
Negative outlook
Nervous tension
Over-fastidious planning
A rigid and inflexible attitude