Large Intestine

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OCD and Perfectionism are Trademarks of the Large Intestine

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Meridian Associations

Archetype: Architect

Element: Metal
Season: Fall
Yin or Yang: Yang
Time of Day: 3-5 am
Color: Black/White
Taste: Salty
Body Part: Blood Pressure
Sensory Basis: Extrasensory
Emotion: Grief/Sadness
Healing Tone: SSSSS

Personality Group: Spiritual
Associated Muscles: the upper trapezius and posterior deltoids

Balancing Meridian: Lung

Large Intestine the Social Leader
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High Traits: Large Intestine In Your Personality
The large intestine meridian is a great social leader. They are one of the four spiritual types and seek a path to an ideal world for themselves and all those who choose to follow them. Generally good-natured, these zealots will fight for what they believe is right and are extremely ambitious. Their ambition drives them to reform and perfect the world.

Low Traits: Large Intestine In Your Personality
Their drive can lead them to obsession. High-ideals require perfection, and the large intestine meridian can tend to over-criticize.

Western Medicine Function of the Large Intestine.
The large intestine is responsible for nutrient absorption and waste disposal. First, it absorbs water, salts, cellulose, and other nutrients from the food we eat and filters out toxins, pollutants, and viruses that have been ingested. It is home to digestive bacteria that are used to break down foods.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Large Intestine
The large intestine eastern medicine functions are simple and very similar to its western functions. It receives food and drinks from the Small Intestine before excreting it from the body.

Physical Large Intestine Symptoms
Chest distention
Chest tightness
Circulation problems
Dry skin
Fatigue and/or low energy
Frequent colds
Hay fever and/or  allergies

Nasal congestion
Pale skin
Poor sense of smell
Psoriasis or eczema
Runny nose
Shortness of breath
Sinus infections
Sneezing Soft and/or weak voice

Stiff neck and/or shoulders
Stiff upper back
Sweating problems
Throat infections
Weak immune  system

Emotional Large Intestine Symptoms
Inability to let go
Lack of inspiration