Kidney Meridian Exercise

Jolly Kidney
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Meridian Associations

Element: Water
Season: Winter
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: 5-7 pm
Color: Yellow
Taste: Salty
Body Part: Joints
Sensory Basis: Kinesthetic
Emotion: Fear
Healing Tone: WOOOO

Personality Group: Analytical
Associated Muscles: Medial Quadriceps

Balancing Meridian: Bladder

Kidney's a joke makers
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High Traits: Kidney In Your Personality
The kidney meridian is a seeker, always delving deep into why and the meaning behind things. They are one of the four analytical personality types. Their analytic intelligence lies in humor, originality, and deep observation. Picture a jolly, happy buddha and you will understand the essence of this meridian.

Low Traits: Kidney In Your Personality
When not being themselves, a kidney meridian withdraws from the world and can be apathetic and catatonic. They retreat from the world and can tend toward schizophrenia.

Western Medicine Function of the Kidney
The kidney’s primary responsibilities in the body are filtering and purifying. They remove excess water, salts, and other substances from the blood and send them to the Bladder to be removed from the body. Our kidneys also maintain the body’s pH, mineral, electrolyte, and chemical balance.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Kidney
The kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine house the “Zhi” which is in charge of mental drive and courage. Zhi also provides drive and focus to help you accomplish goals. Jing Qi, or our vital essence, is stored in the kidneys and is also known as our inherited constitution. Since the kidneys are a filtering organ, their healthy function can determine the vitality and length of our lives. They are also responsible for producing bone marrow, regulating water movement and influencing growth and development.

Physical Kidney Symptoms
Adrenal weakness
Bladder problems
Broken, split and/or dull hair
Dark rings under eyes
Dull, throbbing headache
Frequent urination
High blood pressure
Kidney stones
Knee problems/ weakness
Lack of libido
Lethargy and/or fatigue
Loose stools
Loss of hair
Poor memory
Poor teeth
Premature graying
Prostate disorders
Sciatica and lumbago
Shortness of breath
Tight hamstrings/ calves
Urinary problems
Weak and/or brittle bones

Emotional Kidney Symptoms 
Feeling overwhelmed
Lack of willpower
Moaning and groaning
Panic attacks