Gallbladder Meridian Exercise

Gallbladder Wood Element
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Meridian Associations

Element: Wood
Season: Spring
Yin or Yang: Yang
Time of Day: 11 pm to 1 am
Color: Green
Taste: Sour
Body Tissue: Ligaments
Sensory Basis: Kinesthetic
Emotion: Anger
Healing Tone: SHHHH

Personality Group: Analytical
Associated Muscles: Abductors

Balancing Meridian: Liver

Gallbladder is the genius decision maker
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High Traits: Gallbladder In Your Personality
The gallbladder meridian is the master decision-maker. This personality type is one of four analytical types meaning that they value thought before action and question everything. These folks do well under pressure and know what information to gather before making a decision. They are committed, decisive, confident, and ambitious.

Low Traits: Gallbladder In Your Personality
On the flip side, the gallbladder meridian can be uncertain, indecisive and overly submissive. With every high, there is an equal and opposite low. The gallbladder meridian has issues with intensity, restraint, and ambiguity.

Western Medicine Function of the Gallbladder
The gallbladder is responsible for storing and releasing bile. When needed, the gallbladder releases the digestive bile into the small intestine. It helps break down fats and helps waste to drain from the liver into the duodenum.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Gallbladder
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the gallbladder meridian influences our quality and length of sleep. It is here that we find the connection to our capacity to judge fairly and make decisions. When not in balance, a gallbladder meridian can cause erratic emotions and impulsive behavior.

Physical Gallbladder Symptoms
Unsustained energy
Pale tongue
Weak or overly rapid pulse
Irregular breathing
Excessive hunger
Headaches at night
Redness on the tongue

Emotional Gallbladder Symptoms (Eastern View)
Aggressive behavior
Anger and angry outbursts
Emotional repression
Inability to plan or organize
Negative outlook
Nervous tension
Over-fastidious planning
A rigid and inflexible attitude

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