Brain Meridian Exercise (video)

Meridian Associations

Archetype: The Engineer

Element: Air (Fire)
Yin or Yang: Yang
Color: Yellow-Green
Body Part: Central Nervous System
Sensory Basis: Kinesthetic
Corresponding Meridian in TCM: Governing Vessel

Personality Group: Analytical
Associated Muscles: Hamstrings

Balancing Meridian: Sexual (The God/Goddess)

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High Traits: Brain In Your Personality
The brain meridian represents the world’s masters, gurus, and aristocrats. The brain is naturally attracted to a social setting where they have a regal, polite, and civil demeanor. They seek out the big names in their industry and are refined and gracious acquaintances. Their archetype, the Engineer, drives them to work methodically and implies an analytical view of life.

Low Traits: Brain In Your Personality
On the other hand, the brain meridian can be neurotic and rough. Their mind works against them and they can become paranoid, antagonistic, and defensive.

Western Medicine Function of the Brain
The brain rules over the body’s central nervous system and spine.

Eastern Medicine Function of the Brain
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the governing vessel is the ruler of all masculine yang energy in the body. The meridian runs down the back of the body and therefore governs the body’s protective Wei Qi.

Physical Brain Symptoms

Emotional Brain Symptoms (Eastern View)

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