The Amazing Benefits of Stretching

In the years since I started stretching, I have found many unexpected benefits from the simple process of flexibility training. I have stretched professional athletes and seen their performance improve dramatically even when they thought recovery was no longer possible. I have seen everyday clients trying to gain strength or manage pain with extraordinary results.

1. Jump-Start Weight Loss

I have found that by treating clients with hormonal imbalances on a regular schedule and focusing on stretching hip flexors and hamstrings flipped a switch and allowed weight loss to finally happen. The hip flexor muscles in Traditional Chinese Medicine are the center for hormonal balance. If they are stuck the hormone system won’t work optimally. This is a great place to work on for teenagers developing hormonally and women who are going through a menopausal change to their hormonal system.

2. Improve Flexibility Quickly and Painlessly

Another on my clients was not able to hold her leg straight out in front of her because her quad muscles wouldn’t shorten. A typical regiment would be to focus on stretching the back of the legs.  In this case, what is actually happening is a blockage from the quad being unable to shorten enough. So strength training the quad muscle, then stretching the quad muscle, then back to strength training opens the leg right up. After working together for a short time the gymnast kicked so high she hit herself in the face.

3. Release Built-Up Stress

Another unexpected success story is a middle-aged client who had excessive tension in his body due to a high-stress financial position. This client decided to start working together to generally improve his health. Over several months of regular stretching, he found by happy accident that his golf game had improved drastically. One day while playing golf with a relative who typically was a better player than this client, he played like NEVER before! The relative wondered what was going on, why was this client so improved, and he replied, “I have a new stretching coach!” Years of being beaten vindicated by playing the absolute best game ever!!!

4. Improve Posture

By working the upper body and releasing tension in the neck, throat and upper chest area, Infinity Bodywork has discovered postural improvements across the board. One of her clients- a vocalist in a professional chorus- found that stretching improved the sound and strength of her voice. By improving her posture she created a straight and clear path for her voice to travel.

Folks who work at a desk may be experiencing chronic back pain due to poor posture. Releasing tension in the chest and shoulders can ease the pull of gravity on the body that could be making back pain worse.

5. Increased Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

Upper chest work and upper back work to open up Meridians through the neck, throat, chest has resulted in a lactating mother producing double the amount of breast milk produced. Tension in the upper body is a natural result of late nights and holding a new baby for hours at a time. Stress builds up resulting in reduced milk production. Too much tension equals less milk. Remove that tension and voila, you can double your supply.

6. Emotional Release

Many sessions have resulted in releasing long-standing emotional issues by processing them through the body and up and out for good. Laughing or crying during a session can help the release of emotional tension and leave you feeling invigorated.


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