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Lung Meridian

Lung Meridian In Your Personality

High Traits

The lung meridian is the ultimate leader, who employs a healthy balance of truth and power to help others achieve their highest potential. This type is a great protector and guardian. They have the deepest feelings of all types, which allows them to be vulnerable as well as intoxicating. They highly value the truth.

Low Traits

On the flip side, the lung meridian can be passive-aggressive, overly bossy, and tyrannical. Their deep capacity for emotion can lead to extreme emotions such as blind rage, intolerance, and other erratic behaviors as they oscillate from one emotion to another.

Lung Functions

Western Medicine

The lung is primarily responsible for providing the body with oxygen and releasing “used” air made up of carbon dioxide and toxins.

Eastern Medicine

The lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine control Qi and breathing. Emotionally, the lung meridian is essential for incorporating new ideas and concepts. It absorbs what is useful and releases what we no longer need. “Wei Qi” is also created in the lungs; this defensive Qi provides an energetic immune system-like barrier to protect against illness and disease.

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Meridian Associations

Archetype: Alchemist

Element: Metal
Season: Fall
Yin or Yang: Yin
Time of Day: 3-5 am
Color: Blue
Taste: Salty
Body Part: Blood Oxygen Levels
Sensory Basis: Exteroceptive
Emotion: Grief/Sadness
Healing Tone: SSSSS

Personality Group: Physical
Associated Muscles: Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps Brachii

Balancing Meridian: Large Intestine

Physical Symptoms of Imbalance

Chest distention
Chest tightness
Circulation problems
Dry skin
Fatigue and/or low energy
Frequent colds
Hay fever and/or  allergies
Stiff neck and/or shoulders
Stiff upper back
Sweating problems
Throat infections
Weak immune  system

Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance (Eastern View)

Inability to let go
Lack of inspiration
Nasal congestion
Pale skin
Poor sense of smell
Psoriasis or eczema
Runny nose
Shortness of breath
Sinus infections
Sneezing Soft and/or weak voice

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