Partner Stretching

Participants will learn self stretches, deep tissue muscle mashing, and assisted partner stretches for all target muscle groups in our curriculum. Each week we will focus on only two meridians. This class is intended to teach each participant or couple how to perform this work independently to achieve amazing results in flexibility, strength, and balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and analytically.

Class begins each week performing self stretches with detailed instruction and corrections for each participant. Next portion of class is instructional and practice of deep tissue meridian massage intending to loosen the target muscle groups in our agenda. Finally we will perform and learn partner stretches for the two designated target muscle groups each week.

Stretches address energy pathways (Meridians) in the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each type of stretch also creates concomitant and predictable physiological and psychological improvements. This system embodies a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness. It is a predictable, non-invasive, preventative health program with resulting gains in physical strength and functioning, psychological fitness, and spiritual and emotional development.

$275.00 Pre-pay 10 Sessions
$30.00 couple
$15.00 single

(10 classes)
Curriculum as follows:

Week 1- Gluts, IT Bands, TFL/Adductors, Calf muscles (GB/LV)
Week 2- Biceps, Pectoralis major, anterior delts/Upper traps, posterior delts (LU/LI)
Week 3- Quads, tibialis anterior/Medial Hamstrings, Calf muscles (ST/SP)
Week 4- Biceps Brachii/Infraspinatus, supraspinatus(HT/SI)
Week 5- Erector spinae, spinal rotators, gluts, piriformus/tibialis anterior, rectus femoris, psoas(BR/SE)
Week 6- Pectoralis minor, biceps/posterior deltoids, traps, triceps (PE/SK)
Week 7- Gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, Calf muscles/Adductor magnus, iliacus, rectus abdominals (BL/KI)
Week 8- Lats/Deltoids (AP/TH)
Week 9-Review -or- Special Condition Sequences
Week 10-Review-or- Special Condition Sequences

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