(Lung Meridians/Large Intestine)

LUNG – “The Genius of Truthfulness and Power”

One of four physical types, these make the best rulers. They are great protectors and guardians, possessing great strength and understanding of power – the empire builders. They can be intoxicating, euphoric and vulnerable and have the deepest feelings of all the types. They have strong powers of discernment and awareness of truth. They love animals with a passion and are most likely to adopt a hurt bird or squirrel found on the roadside.

When not being themselves, however, they become passive-aggressive. They can be tyrants, bullies and act overly bossy.

Strength: Leader
Disorder: Passive-Aggressive
Group: Physical
: Present
Instinct: Love/Angry
/Way: Awake/Asleep
: Active
: Relating/Defense
: Realistic
Way of thinking
: Abstract
Sensory Basis
: Exteroceptive- sensitivity to stimuli originating from outside the body
Yin or Yang
: Yin
Intuitive Style
: Truth and Strength
The Center
: Truth and Power
Ego Defense
: Resistance and Suppression
: Ego
t: Metal- shape and refine
The “Alchemist”
: Salty
: Blue

Balancing: Large Intestine
Completing: Pancreas Spleen
Opposing: Skin
Changing: Liver

Functions according to western medicine-

  1. Supplies body with oxygen
  2. Releases used air that is composed of Carbon Dioxide and toxins

Functions according to eastern medicine-

  1. Controls Qi and breathing
  2. Emotionally take in new concepts and ideas, absorbing useful ideas, releasing what isn’t needed (ex. sadness, grief, old ideas)
  3. Extracts clean energy from air we breath and combines with food energy from consumed food, together they form upright energy that provides nourishment for our bodies
  4. Creates and distributes defensive Qi (Wei-Qi: creates and distributes defensive Qi that provides an immune system like barrier that protects body from harmful pathogenic factors that cause illness and disease)
  5. Houses to Po, which supports basic senses like hearing, sensing, seeing, feeling

High Qualities:

  • Truth, justice, opposed to lying
  • Power of discernment (find enemy)
  • Intuitively aware of the strengths in others
  • Feeling for predictability
  • Steadfast, perseverance, determined, endurance, stamina
  • Power, strength, force, control
  • Maker of statements, managing external affairs
  • Tycoon, empire builder, ruler, the boss, born leader, important
  • Constructive influence on the lives of many, reflects the interest of many
  • Know how to carry lots of weight
  • Help alleviate the burdens of others
  • Exercise of power, power struggles
  • Known for regulation of conduct
  • Openly resist oppression
  • Protective
  • Revolutionary, nonconformist
  • Exhilarating, elating, stimulating, intoxicating, inspiring, euphoric
  • Merciful
  • Resistance displays itself as inadequate or unacceptable performance pursuits and social relationships: resistance takes the form of procrastination, stubbornness, dawdling, intentional inefficiency, purposeful forgetfulness
  • Strong impact on others
  • Deepest feelings of all relaters
  • Guardian of grief, sorrow, and anguish
  • Animal protector, lover of animals
  • Feel for Real-Estate
  • Innocence, vulnerability
  • Allocate tasks suitable for individuals
  • Compensate for rationality with passion, spontaneity and social involvement

Low Qualities:

  • Passive Aggressive
  • Belligerent, intimidating, bossy, argumentative, provocative
  • Troublemaker, tyrant, bully
  • Blind rage, explosiveness, intolerance
  • Hostility, flighty, erratic behavior
  • Constant shifting of position: friendliness to aggressiveness, submission to assertion, avoidance to obstinacy, obedient to attacking
  • Resistance to demands, obligations
  • General dissatisfaction from life
  • Pessimistic about the future
  • Not “team players”
  • Obstructing the efforts of others
  • Internal contradictory messages
  • Difficulty admitting mistakes, not many apologies
  • Deprivation, dejection, despondency
  • Discouraged Self-assertion
  • Reluctance to feel
  • Unscrupulous (lacking moral standards)
  • Excess (beyond what is customary or proper)

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