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Flexibility and Strength Training

Private Pilates Sessions

Infinity is proud to offer an introductory Pilates Equipment sessions! Please call to schedule your evaluation session at $70.00 per session Hope to see you soon! Janet 617 335-2707

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Adding Resistance To Stretching Is Key

Adding resistance is the key to flexibility. Flexibility is not something that you are born with, anyone can become flexible! In order to truly stretch you must generate natural resistance while stretching. all the myth’s that you have heard exulting that one person is just more flexible than another are absolutely NOT true!! That is […]

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Resistance Is Not Futile

Conventional stretching nets you conventional results. Resistance stretching (the secret weapon of Olympic athletes) can make you more flexible — and stronger! — in a hurry. By Andrew Heffernan / December 2010 Features, Few exercisers give stretching its due. Though flexibility is considered a major component of fitness, most gym-goers scrap stretching in favor of […]

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