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Staff Bio’s

Janet Matthies  Head shotJANET MATTHIES

is a Boston-based an Integrative Bodyworker, specializing in strength and flexibility. Since 2002, she has worked with highly-disciplined adults, teens and children who depend upon physical dexterity for their work or their chosen lifestyle, but who may be struggling with injury, pain or lack of strength and flexibility. People call her the ‘Crazy Stretching Lady’ because of her unique, unconventional way of combining Asian yoga with western resistance training. Janet started on this path when she saw young children getting injured in school sport programs due to insufficient knowledge about stretch training. Over the years, she’s helped many athletes and other active people improve their performance, gain confidence and eliminate injury issues from their lives. Her personal mission is to educate her clients so they can become independent, rather than dependent, upon doctors, chiropractors and other physical therapists – including herself.

Janet is:

  • CPR Certified
  • Nationally Certified in the West Coast Pilates Method (
  • Nationally Certified in Resistance Flexibility and Strength training (
  • A fully Licensed Massage Therapist utilizing Swedish Relaxation Massage, Shaitsu, Zen BodyTherapy, Cupping.
  • Engaged in ongoing training in Shamanic guidance with John Myerson owner of Life Arts Center for Healing and Shamanic Study, (
  • Engaged in ongoing Shiatsu training in NYC (

Infinity Resistance Training is inspired by the Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST), Resistance Stretching, and Meridian Flexibility System (MFS) systems created by Bob Cooley. Along with Training with Bob, Janet also trained with Elite trainers Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra, with Innovative Body Solutions ( Anne and Steve were Elite trainers for Bob Cooley and have since founded the Ki-Hara Method and their own company. Meridian Training is a mind body combination of Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Resistance Training and Shamanic Healing. The effect on the body is similar to that of Acupuncture; blocked meridians become clear and unstuck resulting in increased movement of chi energy which leads to improved health and wellbeing and all kinds of other wonderful concomitant improvements.

Janet’s Pilates and Resistance teaching experience has been with one-on-one, small group training and large group classes in various studios in the Metro West Area or in private home settings. Pilates equipment training includes mat, reformer, Cadillac, spine corrector, ladder barrel, Wunda chair, Ron Fletcher Towel work, and magic circle. Resistance experience includes leading self stretch group classes, partner stretch class series, and private assisted stretching .

Massage was added to Infinity Flexibility’s offerings in 2012. Massage and special body treatment options include:

  • Deep Tissue Muscle “Mashing”
  • Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Zen Bodytherapy
  • Cupping
  • Thai Herbal Ball massage
  • Exfoliating back treatment using products designed specifically for your body
  • More new treatments being added regularly

Stretch 5: Kneeling Quad StretchERIC MATTHIES

Co-owner of Infinity Bodywork, without whom this whole endeavor would not be possible. Eric provides assistance with all group class training, special events, and private training as well as all business administration, IT, and public relations.

In the summer of 2014 Eric helped to produce our first videos for clients to reference on our YouTube Channel. Eric has experienced personally how valuable resistance flexibility and strength training, Pilates and massage can be for your improving quality of life. Eric is an avid outdoors man hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, and snowshoeing.